Vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering Gan Yong visits CCMG and guides work
CCMG Jun 21, 2010
    In the afternoon of June 14, 2010, Gan Yong, Vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Dean of the Iron and Steel Research Institute and principal Consultant of metallurgical engineering disciplines of Chongqing University, who accompanied by Vice Chancellor of Chongqing University Prof. Bai Chenguang, Dean of Collage of Materials Science and Engineering Prof. Liu Qing, Vice Dean of Graduate School Prof. Zheng Zhong and Deputy Director of CCMG Prof. Zhang Dingfei visited CCMG.
    Academician Gan Yong listened carefully to Deputy Director Zhang Ding-fei’s report of R & D and Industrialization Promotion of CCMG, Dean Liu’s report of Department of Metallurgy of the Materials Science and Engineering and Prof. Xie Bin’s report of energy saving of iron and steel metallurgy. Academician Gan Yong gave some very good opinions and suggestions about R & D work, which has strategic significance for future research, development and industrialization of CCMG. After the meeting, Academician Gan Yong visited the product exhibition room of CCMG, and valued the industrialization and research and development of fabrication and processing technology of magnesium alloy.